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by IIM Lucknow Alumna

The study of finance often feels a lot narrower than it really is. There is a lot of talk of issuing bonds or pricing projects which belies how relevant finance is to everyday life, regardless of whether or not you have any desire of working in finance.

Finance plays an involved role in the health of the overall economy, which impacts everyone, regardless of whether or not they have studied finance. The field of finance explains why the 2008 recession occurred; it is the reason why people care about how the stock market is doing each day ; and it articulates why businesses and governments make some of the decisions they do.

Financial modeling is the task of building a financial model, or the process of using a financial model for financial decision making and analysis. Financial modeling is used to do historical analysis of a company's performance, and to do projections of its financial performance into the future. Project finance is another area that lends itself to financial models. A project (such as a real estate investment or a new factory) can be analysed using a financial model. It does not have to be complete business.

Financial Modeling is not just for the accountant or financial consultant, who is called upon to develop financial projections, but also for business owners and managers. With improved user interfaces and heavy use of graphics, it is now feasible for non-technical people use a financial model to test options and make decisions based on the projected impact on profits and cash flow.

Module 1: Financial Modeling with Excel

  • Overview of financial modeling
  • Understanding projections
  • Excel best practices foundation and exercises
  • Useful Excel shortcuts and functions
  • Gathering historical documents / information
  • Preparation of Income and cash flow statements and Balance Sheet
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Du Pont Analysis
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Valuation of Companies
  • Valuation of IPOs
  • Valuation of Merger & Acquisitions
  • Valuation of Bonds
  • Valuation of Equity
  • Leverage Buyout Analysis (LBOs)
  • Sensitivity/Scenario Analysis
  • Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Case Study
  • Module II: Data Analysis in Finance (Financial Analytics)

  • Model risk management
  • Risk analytics
  • Customer analytics
  • Data analytics strategy and organization
  • Data analytics technology
  • Faculty: IIM Lucknow MBA graduate with extensive industry experience

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