Quest Learning

by IIM Lucknow Alumna

Mathematics education has traditionally emphasized the worst face of mathematics. Students are taught many mathematical facts, but they are rarely taught what the mathematics process is and how to employ it. As a result, engineers and scientists today often do not know how to use mathematics, and the population as a whole has failed to understand the relevance of mathematics. The mathematics process is both a creative and explorative process and is the most important face of mathematics. It is the fountainhead from which mathematical knowledge flows and a central component of the infrastructure that makes today's technological and informational world possible.

We have developed creative ways to teach the concepts of mathematics. We are also introducing Vedic Maths concepts for speed maths.

Every student of mathematics needs to learn the mathematics process. The best way to learn the process is to practice it. However, high school and university students are given little chance to experience the full process of creating and exploring mathematics. Instead, they are taught merely about the byproducts of the process/facts using perfunctory procedures and calculations separated from the process, which made them. Our process will make learning Maths easy, simple and fun!

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