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by IIM Lucknow Alumna

With 100% FDI allowed in Retail, studying Retail management seems like a natural area where we will see a big investment and opportunities for jobs. An increasing number of universities are now offering retail management courses but you do not gain practical experience. This creates need for coaching by industry experts who can blend theory and practical. Retail Management learning should help the participants to:

See the big picture: Retail management courses are focused on all the processes that go into ensuring consumers can obtain the products they want from their chosen retail store.

Enhance your practical knowledge: Understanding how to apply skills from one retail area to another.

Diversify your skills based on module based learning and put your career in context

Focus on the future: Retail is one of the most fast-paced and innovative business sectors

Build Expertise has partnered with Institute for Retail Innovation to bring the best of retail management trainings. The trainings are designed and presented by experts who are passionate about retail and have worked in retail businesses for more than 15 years. What you get is real retail business based on your requirements.

We have well-known and industry wide respected faculty members on our board.

  • Learn from real retail case studies and share your thoughts. Understand different perspective of doing retail business.
  • Learn about the retail business practices including Retail Strategy, financial management in retail practice, supply chain management, in-store execution and KPIs of Retail business.

For free demo class, call us at : 8008 101 590

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