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by IIM Lucknow Alumna

English plays an important role in the lives of existing and potential students, as well as working professionals. It is widely used in official communications, all over the world. Its importance is largely felt by people working in MNCs, where the common medium of communication between people from different backgrounds is English. For students planning to go abroad for higher education, where the mode of instruction is English, being able to communicate in English is of utmost importance. And though English has become the medium of instruction in most schools in India, these days, the quality of instruction plus the lack of enthusiasm for the language by the students themselves, has left a lot to desire.

Half of the content on the internet is in English. Hate it for like it, one cannot deny the importance of this language in academics as well as professional lives. If our entrance to a good college depends on clearing English proficiency tests so does that promotion in the office. Quest learning center's English language courses are designed keeping the need for Speaking, Writing and Reading skills required and expected from people trying to be a step ahead of their competitors.

Course Name: English Language - Level 1 Course aim: To help learn basics of English and have the confidence of speaking in Social situations. To be able to hold a conversation completely in English

Course Name: English Language - Level 2 Course aim: To help speak English as close to a native speaker, as possible. Develop the confidence of speaking in formal situations, and to be able to make complex sentences with ease.

Course Name: Business communication Course aim: Help people use the professional, appropriate and effective means of communication in Formal or Business situations


    Module Topic Description Duration (hrs)

    Mock test: To assess the current level of the student. (1.5)

    Module 1 Pronunciation (3)

    1.2 Combinations of characters

    Module 2 Develop vocabulary (12)

    2.1 Action related words

    2.2 Relationships Including other pronouns

    2.3 Connecting words Words that act like prepositions and/or conjunctions

    2.4 Sales related words

    2.5 Time, seasons, weather This helps people connect with clients, and make small conversation

    2.6 Confusing words

    2.7 Qualifying words Words that act like adverbs or adjectives

    Module 3 Sentence formation (15)

    3.1 Making simple requests

    3.2 Asking polite questions And how to answer them

    3.3 Instructions and directions

    3.4 Answering in negatives

    3.5 Useful expressions

    3.6 Conversation Being able to converse in different social situations - Activity based

    Assessment test: To assess the learning from the course (1.5)

    Offline project The execution will be performed offline. The assessment will be done separately and the results shared via e-mail. If analysis is required - will set up 1 session for the same.


    Module Topic Description Duration (hrs)

    Mock test To assess the current level of the student (1.5)

    Module 1: Part of Speech (6)

    1.1 Introduction

    1.2 Verb tenses Definition and examples

    1.3 Nouns + Articles

    1.4 Adjectives

    1.5 Pronouns

    Module 2: Speech styles (9)

    2.1 Introducing self and others

    2.2 Descriptive writing Describing videos, Images, Surroundings

    2.3 Opinionated writing Writing essays

    2.4 Persuasive writing Persuade people to do something for you. Identifying connecting words

    Module 3: Reading Practice (6)

    3.1 Jumbled sentence

    3.2 Precise writing

    3.3 Critical reasoning Summarizing, Identifying assumptions, conclusions, inferences

    3.4 Reading passages Assessment Test Assessing writing ability of the students (1.5)

    Module 4: Advanced grammar (9)

    4.1 Auxiliary verbs and uses Correct usage of may/can, do-does-did-doing etc

    4.2 Interrogative Sentences Asking polite questions

    4.3 Active and Passive voice

    4.4 Types of sentences Learning types of clauses, phrases, sentences

    4.5 Idioms and phrases A few discussed in class. Others to be shared.

    Module 5: Listening Practice (3)

    5.1 Repeating sentences

    5.2 Summarizing texts

    Module 6: Speaking exercises (6)

    6.1 Asking for/Giving Directions Activity based

    6.2 Extempore Activity based

    6.3 Group discussions Activity based

    6.4 Debates Activity based

    6.5 Learning from the course Describe what you have learnt from the course Assessment Test Assessing speaking skills of the students (1.5)


    Module Topic Description Duration (hrs)

    Module 1: Introduction to Business Communication (2)

    1.1 Purpose of Business Communication

    1.2 Communication Process

    1.3 Key factors in effective communication

    Module 2:Non verbal communication (4)

    2.1 Dressing sense

    2.2 Posture

    2.3 Cultural sensitivity

    Module 3: Written Communication (15*)

    3.1 Letter writing

    3.2 E-mail writing

    3.3 Memo writing

    3.4 Minutes of meeting

    3.5 Letter of recommendation

    3.6 Raising and responding to Complaints

    3.7 Report writing

    3.8 Article writing

    3.9 Press release

    3.10 Writing Case studies

    Module 4: Social media (6)

    4.1 Writing blog posts

    4.2 Tweeting

    4.3 FB posts

    4.4 Short messages

    Module 5: Presentation skills** (3)

    5.1 Verbal and non verbal communication

    5.2 Case study analysis Assessment Test Assessing the business communication skills (3)

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